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Gua Sha Testimonials

My son Ethan had been having soreness in his middle back since we were hit from behind by another car about 3 years ago. He has had regular chiropractic adjustments and his back would be out in this same spot almost every time. Since his Gua Sha treatments, his back has been so much better and has had noticeable improvement at the chiropractor. My husband also had the Gua Sha treatment along with Alice's regular massage. He has also noticed improvement. We all plan to continue. We think Alice is great!

Lydia Kluemper

I am a full believer in "routine massages" to help me stay healthy and do them for me. Earlier this summer, I had a strange problem develop unrelated to any injury that I could determine. I developed significant numbness in the left outer foot; no pain, but persistent, generalized numbness. It gradually lead to some swelling that was somewhat bothersome. Since I have routine massages, I didn't even think to note it to Alice until we were discussing Gua Sha. She asked for more in depth information. I then underwent several specific sessions focusing on the area. Following each, the numbness lessened and dissipated. The foot has returned to normal!! I am so relieved.... Subsequently, I had Gua Sha done to my upper back and it aided in relief of my residual tightness I carry that I attribute to work stress. I am a believer and will have this form of therapy added to my regular massage routine as needed. I also support the cupping method for breaking down stress.


A few weeks ago, I went to my chiropractor with foot swelling and pain. It turned out to be a fallen metatarsal arch. He put it back in place and then tweaked it the next week. My foot did not have pain, but one toe was still swollen and there was an irritation and dull ache, especially when I massaged it. Last week, I came to Alice for a massage and mentioned my experience. She worked on my foot with a technique, of which I do not remember the name, but within 48 hours, the pain and discomfort was gone. She said what she did allowed the tissues to "open up" and help the circulation, the lack of which was causing my discomfort.  She was right. I have been going to Alice for regular massages for approximately three years and have always been pleased, whether a problem was there, or I just needed to relax.

Gale Nunn, RN, Retired

Had my first therapeutic massage a month ago. It was great. Went again for R leg sciatica that bothered me for over a week, only at night. Alice used the Gua Sha on my whole leg. That night had very little discomfort. Slept so much better and was able to walk the next morning without hurting. By the 2nd night, I was pain free. Also, I had fluid on my L kneecap for months. Again, Alice used Gua Sha on my knee. Wow, two days later, no fluid or discomfort. For the first time in 3 months, I was able to kneel on my knee. Gua Sha sure made a believer out of me.

Elaine Reuber, Retired Nurse

I am a firm believer of therapeutic massage and I feel Alice is one of the best!  I am a RN and a practitioner of many complementary modalities. Alice introduced me to Gua Sha and with some research, I was certain the benefits of this technique would be of value to me and my general health.  After the first session, I experienced some fatigue and slight nausea within the first 24 hours, but I profoundly felt a shift in my energetic and physical levels.  The subsequent treatment made me a believer! I acquired more energy than any other modality I have experienced and I am continuing to schedule more sessions.  The technique is safe and very beneficial for over-all health.  I am so grateful for Alice’s healing touch and her passion for her client’s well-being.  Alice is a true healer and a genuine gift!

Glenda Roos Marlin RN CCAP AHTP





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