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 I was very skeptical about massage therapy then I decided to give it a try. I had been diagnosed with a very bad case of tendonitis. I had a huge knot on my elbow, very sore and swollen. It had gotten so bad that I couldn't pick up items with that arm because of the pain. Nothing I had tried before had worked at all, that's when a friend asked me again to try massage therapy.
I noticed a big improvement after the first session but I continued and with a couple of more sessions I was able to move my elbow without any pain at all! I wish that I had tried massage therapy first! I have recommended Alice and her massage therapy to numerous friends.

Marla Rennison, 
Home Care Billing Coordinator


If you want to feel good, relaxed and stress free get a massage.  It is not only good for the body but also for the mind. I have MS and can not walk or stand, since I am sitting all the time my body gets sore and stiff.  I exercise as much as I can but getting a massage relieves all the aches and pains. Your mind will relax as well as your body. Alice knows the exact amount of pressure I can take and after the session is over I feel great. Do yourself a favor - get a massage.

Kathy Hart, Retired 

“…what a blessing to have discovered the healing hands of Alice Schitter! Knowing Alice for many years, I have witnessed the integrity and kindness she nurtures and thus experience it on her massage table. She makes you feel relaxed the moment you enter her room…which kick-starts the healing process. She pays attention to you and your needs plus intuitively taps into a healing source that merges the body, mind and spirit connection. Alice has found her gift! Be assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience!”

Glenda Roos, RN CCAP HTPA


I give Alice’s massages a 5 star rating.  She is so good @ working out kinks that I didn’t even know I had until she started the massage.  Does a wonderful job & I feel so relaxed & in a much better mood when I am done with my appointment.  At different times throughout 2012 I had tennis elbow & a bad back & she helped me work through both of those & I am feeling fine now.  I really look forward to my appointment every month.  I work at a desk all day & I don’t realize how tight my neck & shoulders are until she works on them.  Wonderful therapy for me.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Sharon Donnerman, Purchasing Expeditor


As a man I thought therapeutic massage wasn't for me but after hearing fellow coworkers talk about the successful relief from their different problems I thought doesn't hurt to give it a try I suffered from lower back pain and the difference is amazing ! When Alice asked what level on a scale of 1-10 was my discomfort it was a 9 sometimes 10 and I can and honestly say now it is a 1 -2. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is to be able to sit and drive long periods of time now and just the everyday things we take for granted that I have no problem doing. Alice makes you feel very comfortable and has you let her know what level your pain is as she is doing her deep muscle massage or cupping. I can honestly say I look forward to my monthly appointments ! I even made a appointment for my wife. So for all you guys out there don't wait to go just because of the word massage you will be thankful you did go !!

Randy Bair, Maintenance


I was uncertain about going to a massage therapy for my rotary cuff I have worked in a factory over 25 years and thought I doubt if this will help but after seeing the success my husband was having with his problem and he scheduled and paid for my first visit I thought "What have I got to lose ??" Just after the first visit I was totally amazed at how high I could raise my right arm ! I had always slept on my stomach with my right arm up over my head and had to learn how to sleep on my back with my pain problem. I have such a busy life and work so many hours I too have come to look forward to the next session not only because of the pain relief it has provided me but also just to have a little relaxing "me" time. So for anyone hesitating about going Please do yourself the biggest favor try it out !! I would recommend Alice to everyone I know !!

Sandi Bair, Labor

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